Texas Lone Star Rig & Equipment, Inc. can provide masts of all sizes and specifications, to fit your needs. We have the ability to deliver telescoping, stiff freestanding, cantilever, and swing up. Our partners can provide masts as small as 180,000# static hookload to as large as 1,600,000# static hookload. Masts provided through Lone Star Rigs, can be engineered for well service, workover, or drilling applications, and are capable of meeting your needs.

At Lone Star Rigs, our mechanics and welders have experience with most major brands and can refurbish your existing mast to OEM specs. If you purchase a new mast we can fabricate a base to mount the mast to your equipment, and install the mast for you.

Whatever your needs, Lone Star Rigs, can help you solve your equipment problems. We can customize the equipment to fit your needs and help you save money.

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